Enzyme Peel

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Enzyme Peel for Dull, Dry Skin at Cosmetology Hub in Leicester

A powerful blend of pumpkin puree and enzymes combined with that all-important clog clearing antioxidants. The enzyme peel is great at rejuvenation the skin and helps break down dead or irregular cellular build-up. Within my enzyme peel I will incorporate things like lymphatic drainage (if required), BT Micro for ultrasonic extractions and other techniques to get you the best results.

Enzyme Peels are proven to increase the natural chemical reaction process in your skin. This enables the skin to quickly remove any toxins or dead skin and allowing new skin cells to come to the surface. Enzymes are also reported to diminish scars, age spots, fine lines, and discoloration, and may also penetrate the skin to cleanse pores and improve skin tone and texture.

One of the most fascinating things about enzyme peels is that they do not damage or remove live tissue. This means that it works a charm for almost any skin type, with no damage to live skin and no down time – this means you can face the world without locking yourself at home from the get go.

Enzyme enthusiasts love the skin peel for its immediate, visible results. Some clients may use these at home under the appropriate supervision. It’s always great good to look for natural ingredients with enzyme peels such as the ones I have on offer; pumpkin pulp, Japanese mushrooms, bromelain from pineapple, papain from papaya and so on.

My research drives me to keep on top of any market developments to ensure I am in a position to offer the most effective peels best suited for your skin type.