Jelly Mask

Suffering from Congested, Acne Prone Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Dehydrated, Dry or Dull Skin?

Jelly Masks are a great way to revitalise your skin. I use the purest and finest masks available all vegan-friendly with natural properties.

Casmara Jelly Masks can be added to any skin treatment. The range is full of amazing mineralising properties, helping rejuvenate, nourish and combat most skin conditions.

The masks are applied across the eyes and lips, covering your entire face and getting in between all those gaps that usually remain untouched with normal face masks.

Gold Mask

24 carrot gold dust mask hydrating the skin with mineral includingmagnesium, calcium and sodium. Collectively having anti-ageing and a superhydrating formula revitalising the skin. Sodium and potassium regulate water balance,calcium is the modulator of the proliferation and gold dust softens andrevitalises nutrients into the skin.

Novanew Mask

Rehydrating active ingredients in the Novanew Mask help restorenatural pH levels and balance skin tone. The mineral substances prove to be perfectfor dry or dehydrated skin, or great after treatments to normalise the waterbalance in the skin cells.

Sensitive Mask

Soothing and vitamin rich mask with moisturising properties from marine algae extracts combined with vegetables, violets and oats benefitting the acne prone or sensitive skin type. It provides vital vitamins A, B and E, reducing puffiness, redness and dark circles under eyes. This mask is perfect at soothing and normalising temperature across the face.

Vegetable Mask

Vitamin C enriched mask infused in orange and dill workingtogether by allowing their natural properties to increase collagen synthesisand allowing the skin to breathe. Great to stimulate, moisturise, and brightenthe skin. Good choice for people who smoke, have restrictive diets, or sufferfrom health conditions.

Kiwi and Poppy Seed Mask

Recommended for skin losing its elasticity, the activeingredients in Kiwi Fruit and the super-rich vitamin C combines with poppyseeds to provide anti-ageing benefits and helping repair the top layer of theskin. It also encourages collagen regeneration whilst calming and soothing theskin.

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