Are you look for the ultimate brow treatment to save you some valuable time, no more pencil and no more plucking? Microblading is the solution for you – a semi-permanent eyebrow crafted with extremely fine, natural looking hair strokes, precisely inserted into the skin to mimic a natural looking eyebrow or a shape to your desire.

This is the perfect option for those that have loss or thinning of hair, light-coloured, or over-plucked eyebrows. Microblading can also be a great option if you have alopecia or have previously suffered from cancer, allowing you to regain your realistic 3d eyebrow. Microblading may be used to shape, improve, enhance or to simply create definition where hairs may be thin or absent.

At Cosmetology Hub in Leicester I will discuss shapes, sizes and colours to compliment the clients skin and face complexion, tailoring to preferences where requested. We like to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

All microblading treatments are done using sterile and disposable tools, and pigments are of the highest standard. A test patch is required 48 hours prior to treatment.

Microblading PhiBrows

Are you looking for the best shaped eyebrows to match your face? Phibrows is the most prestigious microblading technique recognised worldwide. PhiBrows produces natural, flawless results by utilising a mathematical golden ratio. They use the best pigments to suit all hair colours and are incredibly durable in the skin, this ensures you have longer lasting brows.

Microblading Phibrows Certification showing the unique identification code.

The shape of your eyebrow is calculated according to face morphology and the golden intersection, phi1618.  This enables me to calculate and shape an accurate template of your eyebrow according to your facial structure allowing for better symmetry, shape or fullness to your brow. During the shaping process, Phibrows acknowledges some individual muscles around the eye may affect symmetry, and addresses this by taking various positions with clients’ eyes closed to ensure your muscle is relaxed, any alterations according to your preferences can then be made. Finally, the pigments are inserted to mimic the natural direction of hair growth achieving a hyper-realistic eyebrow. The results are truly sensational!

To ensure you get the most out of your brow, Phibrows encourages a great guide for post-treatment aftercare. This will be discussed and shared with you during the consultation and on the treatment day.