Also known as semi-permanent eyebrows or eyebrow embroidery, Micro Blading is a specialist technique used to create or redefine eyebrows using a specialist blade to precisely insert pigment into the skin, miming the look, shape and feel of your natural brow.


Phibrows Microblading

The highest standards of microblading, Phibrows Microblading, uses face morphology and the mathematically derived golden intersection, phi.1618, for ultimate perfection and symmetry. Phibrows have their own pigments engineered for defined, long lasting brows.

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Powder Brows

Commonly referred to as ombré brows, powder brows uses a combination of specialist dots and shading to create and enhance a powder filled eyebrow. It’s non-natural appearance displays a make-up look and fill to your brow.

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Combination Brows

My personal favourite. Combines the Phibrows Microblading with the powdered effect to fill in the little gaps around the pigment incisions. This creates a fuller and incredibly realistic looking eyebrow.

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