Million Dollar Facial

Million Dollar Facial is the ultimate 10 step combination of procedures for facial indulgence. It is a favorite amongst A list celebrities worldwide and licensed to Platinum Technicians. It offers an instant silky glow, deep exfoliation of dead skin cells/gunk, removing peach fuzz, flushing toxins and stimulating collagen and cell turnover. The results are impressive! An instant silky glow, tighter skin complexion, smooth no fuzz skin texture and a flawless base for makeup application or product penetration.

The Million Dollar Facial combines dermaplaning and microneedling with lymphatic drainage and finishes with a hyaluronic acid masks allowing all the nutrients in the products to be absorbed by deeper layers in the skin, whilst draining toxins with relaxing face muscle drainage techniques. It reduces the appearance of scarred tissues and improves texture, skin tone, and aids penetration of daily skincare products.

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