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Powder Brows, also known as Ombre Brows, is a specialist semi-permanent fading technique. Despite its’ similarities, it differentiates from Microblading, whereas Microblading insert pigments into the skin, Powder Brows uses a combination of dots and shading to fill or enhance the brow whilst creating depth, thickness and symmetry. It is more commonly known to give a make-up look and feel as opposed to a realistic look with Microblading.

Do Powder Brows Fade and How Do I Prevent That?

This is a semi-permanent technique, so unlike permanent brows the pigments are not inserted for a lifetime. This means they will fade overtime, but abiding to aftercare advice will preserve the brows and the fresher look for longer. After the complete cycle of treatments, I would recommend a top-up every 1-3 years depending on skin type.

Most pundits argue this is an advantage over permanent brows as pigment inserted deep into the skin tend to wear down after 2-3 years and look discoloured and pigmentlike-green, whereas semi-permanent allows you to top-up pigments; reshaping and re-defining the look and feel of the brow – if you feel like a change. Or alternatively, simply top-up to refresh an existing look!